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incontri trento bakeca The Eurotel laboratory has various distribution networks that enable it to operate in the online and mail order sectors. Our brands are also available in shops and through practitioners who buy and use our products directly.

http://bandedecreateurs.fr/?teritoriya=site-de-rencontre-gratuit-granby&24a=63 The major advantage of the Eurotel Laboratory lies in its reactivity to the very specific expectations of the market in terms of delivery times or packaging for long-distance shipments. The Eurotel Group is obviously aware of European and international standards. This completes the Laboratory’s service: flexibility, reactivity, rigor and service.

visit site Private Label Offer: the Eurotel Laboratory provides full service to the brand on both national and international territory. Here again, service is a priority, as the company meets the specific expectations linked to the different regulations and consumer habits from one country to another, from one brand to another.

  • Mail Order Selling
  • Professionnals et Praticioners
  • Spécialist Shops
  • E-Commerce | our Brands
Distribution Soins Cosmétiques Laboratoire Eurotel

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Eurotel Laboratory

Qualities that are recognized in the distribution sector and among our partners :

Accuracy & Quality


An open customer service.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question !

Eurotel Laboratoire Cosmétique Réseau de Distribution

Eurotel Laboratory

Rigor and method.

The Eurotel Laboratory’s main customer networks are made up of european largest distance selling companies, specialized shops and various partners.

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Mail order selling

1492 en numeros romanos Mail order circuit : organized distribution networks in France, Europe and more generally internationally make it possible to offer the end consumer product ranges through e-commerce sites or catalogues. The Eurotel Laboratory’s strength is its ability to meet the specific expectations of this market (personalized deliveries, packaging adapted for distance shipping, flexibility, responsiveness, service).


Professionals & practitioners

Health professionals, practitioners and national sports federations do not hesitate to call on Eurotel Laboratory to produce customized treatments for professional use.

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Specialist shops

The company responds to the particular needs of this circuit, by providing sales support tools, POS displays, displays, informative leaflets, etc.

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E-Commerce for our Brands.


Award Winning




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