Our Services

Our services

Perfectly adapted to the requirements of the sector...

The Eurotel Laboratory creates cosmetics in small and medium series distributed thanks to various partners. Our laboratory also owns several brands that it sells through short circuits or direct sales on our internet website.

Among the services offered by the Eurotel Laboratory, we propose the design of new formulas if you wish to innovate or propose a formula strictly exclusive to your brand. To do so, do not hesitate to consult our Research & Development department dedicated to professionals. We bring your beauty and well-being ideas to life in our complex located in the hinterland of Nice.

After about twenty years of research, our laboratory has built up a catalogue of formulations with about 600 references that enable us to answer to numerous requests in almost no time at all.

Our services

Perfectly adapted to the requirements of the sector...

The Eurotel Laboratory produces cosmetics in small and medium series. Our team also monitors the regulatory aspects related to the distribution of cosmetic products for its customers and partners.

Our structure sets up the production of small and medium series on request. From production to marketing to the consumer, including bottling and normative verification, the Eurotel Laboratory masters and takes charge of the entire production process of your cosmetics.

The Eurotel laboratory provides its professional customers with a regulatory watch service. This is a real asset for our partners and customers who wish to launch a product or a range of cosmetic products and check their feasibility. This regulatory watch is carried out on European legislation as well as on those of strategic countries in the sale of cosmetics. If you still have questions about European or international regulations concerning the marketing of one of your cosmetic products, do not hesitate to consult us directly.

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Our ranges of cosmetics and perfumes

For more than 25 years, we have been designing beauty products and perfumes, hygiene and care products whose formulas are composed of natural active ingredients. We are proud of our 100% vegetal DNA.

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