Our Values

Eurotel Laboratory

Loyalty & Collaboration

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Kokomo Eurotel applies its long-term vision to each entity of the group. This is why some values also come out of our laboratory and its work team.

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The human being is at the core of our concerns.


Cosmetic products are closely linked to personal hygiene, hence our rigor in the selection of our suppliers and associates. Our teams are strong and dedicated in order to produce quality products and guarantee total consumer satisfaction. The human being is a priority within the Eurotel Group; his contribution to the success of the laboratory is a priority.

Le Laboratoire Cosmétique Eurotel valorise la nature

Eurotel Laboratory

Loyalty & Collaboration

The Eurotel Laboratory understands well that you can only work effectively if you have confidence. We build real long-term relationships with both our suppliers and our staff.

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Our Staff and Partners

Specialized in the creation and production of small and medium series cosmetics, our structure has brought together a large network of professionals, hand-picked and rigorously selected for their reliability and quality of know-how. The objective is to enable us to meet your expectations with a complete support, from the purchase of your ingredients to their packaging

Eurotel Laboratory

Rigor & Technique

For us, the long-term vision is the only possible one: for our customers, our partners and the coming generations. This is why Eurotel applies values of quality and respect to each entity of the group.

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Manufacturing with Respect

Developing a laboratory that respects the environment and is coherent in its proposals seems to us necessary. Aware of the cosmetics sector impact on the environment, our laboratory is committed to reducing its impact as much as possible. Do not hesitate to find out more about our environmental policy.