Our Environmental Policy

Eurotel Laboratory

Producing without Destroying

As an expert in cosmetics, the Eurotel Laboratory offers you its services with respect for the environment.

Natural Ingredients

We carry out for you the research necessary for the development of your range of natural cosmetics.

A Modern Production Unit

Our production equipment is modern and extremely clean with regard to rejects.

From the research and development of your range of cosmetic products to its shop distribution, the Eurotel Laboratory takes care of the environment.

At this time, the sustainable development of our activities has become a major challenge. This is why the Eurotel Laboratory has set up an environmental policy in its own right. The objective is to produce cosmetic ranges with an environmental impact as close as possible to zero.
Eurotel Laboratory’s teams are joining the management team in order to comply with the charter that has been implemented and designed to reduce our impact. Tending towards a perfectly renewable activity is one of Eurotel Laboratory’s stated objectives. This is expressed through regular monitoring of innovative and non-polluting processes. Both the Research & Development team and the management of the Laboratory are involved in this monitoring process in order to implement new, increasingly efficient processes. The news section of our blog will soon deal with their implementation in its news section.
Trust and respect being essential in a professional relationship, we consider the environment as a stakeholder. It is therefore only natural to make respect for the environment a central subject when it comes to the development of our laboratory and our activity in general.