• Marque : White Label
  • Catégorie : Aromatherapy
  • Année de R-D : 2015
  • Livraison : Minimum on Request

Our aroma-therapeutic formulations

Aromatherapy consists in extracting the essence of plants for medical or wellness purposes. The benefits of essential oils are scientifically recognized. So, for you, the Eurotel Laboratory has studied them in order to create a range of effective, fragrant and natural cosmetics.

Essential oils (EO) are distilled from plants in order to extract the quality of the active ingredients, without reducing them. These botanical essences have been used in cosmetics and aromatherapy products since ancient times. Today, the Eurotel Laboratory offers you the opportunity to rediscover them with a complete range of cosmetics available in white label. Here is an overview of their benefits :

A Relaxing Power

The essential oil of Eucalyptus, among others, has relaxing properties both for the skin and the mind. The scents it produces will invade you to relax your body, muscles and mind.

A Tonic Power

Thyme essential oil is also a powerful active ingredient highly recommended to strengthen the body and immune system as well as the mind. This is why the Eurotel Laboratory uses it in its white label cosmetic ranges.

A Soothing Power

Camphor essential oil is a powerful natural active ingredient that is used to soothe joint pain, including rheumatism. This is why the Eurotel Laboratory also uses it in its Aromatherapy range.

White Label aroma-therapeutic cosmetics

For 25 years the Eurotel Laboratory has been creating formulations from essential oils. We respond to requests for white label production in small and medium series. Here is our range of care and cosmetics :

  • Body Balm | C 742 : organic sunflower oil, organic shea butter, clove essential oil, thyme essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, camphor essential oil.
  • Body Cream: harpagophytum, coriander seed essential oil, ginger essential oil, methyl nicotinate, camphor essential oil, marjoram essential oil, mentha arvensis essential oil, lavender essential oil.
  • Soothing Body | C 743 : extract of arnica mexicana, peppermint essential oil, glycerin
  • Relaxing Body | C 819: harpagophytum, marine chondroitin sulphate, glycerine, silicon extract, menthol, horsetail extract, camphor oil, sea lettuce extract.
  • Legs Spray | C 805 : menthol, essential oil of camphor, essential oil of mentha arvensis
  • Leg's Gel | C 707 : witch hazel macerate, organic red vine extract, chestnut extract, arnica montana extract, glycerin, ruscus extract, cypress extract, mentha arvensis essential oil, menthol.