• Marque : White Label
  • Catégorie : Tahitian Black Pearl
  • Année de R-D : 2018
  • Livraison : Minimum on Request

Our whitel label cosmetic formulations based on Tahitian black pearl

Available in white label, the Eurotel laboratory offers you a range of care and cosmetic formulations made from Tahitian black pearl powder and other natural active ingredients. The Tahitian Black Pearl, also called the ” queen of pearls “; because it symbolizes luxury and beauty, comes from an oyster native to the turquoise lagoons of French Polynesia. It naturally secretes a black pigment. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the minerals and essential amino acids of the black pearl nourish the skin and slow down the ageing process thanks to a stimulating effect, acting on collagen synthesis.

A Nourishing Power

Rich in calcium, trace elements, amino acids and proteins, Tahitian black pearls stimulate and nourish the skin. This is why we have decided to make a range of cosmetics out of them.

A Rejuvenating Power

Black pearl powder is recognized as an effective active ingredient against skin ageing. Very rich, this active ingredient stimulates cellular metabolism and cleanses the skin of its roughness and toxins in depth.

A Moisturizing Power

We also use Tahitian black pearl powder because it maintains the suppleness and balance of the skin by effectively moisturizing it. Its regenerating action also contributes to the balance of the skin.

White Label Tahitian Black Pearl Cosmetics

For 25 years the Eurotel Laboratory has been creating formulations from Tahitian black pearl in order to meet the demand for small and medium series production. Here is the range of care and cosmetics for facial care that we offer you in white brand :

  • Facial Toner | 15 NF 017 : Tahitian black pearl extract, hydroxyproline, witch hazel macerate
  • Facial Serum | 15 NF 018 : hydroxyproline, Tahitian black pearl extract, witch hazel macerate
  • Facial Cream | 15 NF 019 : Tahitian pearl extract, hydroxyproline, sweet almond oil, vitamin E acetate, Organic shea butter
  • Crème Visage | 15 NF 019 : extrait de perle de tahiti, hydroxyproline, huile d'amande douce, acétate de vitamine E, beurre de karité Bio
  • Facial Cream | 15 NF 20 : Tahitian pearl extract, hydroxyproline, vitamin E acetate, Organic shea butter
  • Eye Contour Gel | 15 NF 021 : witch hazel macerate, hydroxyproline, Tahitian black pearl extract, tensing active ingredient