• Marque : White Label
  • Catégorie : Primrose & Borage Cosmetics
  • Année de R-D : 2014
  • Livraison : Minimum on Request

Our cosmetic formulations based on primrose and borage oils

in white label, the Eurotel laboratory offers you a range of cosmetic product formulations based on borage oil, primrose oil and other natural elements. Borage oil is particularly suitable for dry skin. It is a real regenerating care but also a remarkable anti-wrinkle. Primrose oil prevents skin ageing. It is known for its softening, softening and revitalizing properties. These 2 oils are very rich in essential fatty acids, hence their particularly moisturizing properties.

borage oil in cosmetics

A Moisturizing Power

Borage oil has the particularity of containing a very rare fatty acid. It is the gamma-linolenic fatty acid. It is this molecule as well as linoleic acid, omega 6, phytosterols and vitamin E that contribute to the hydration of the skin.

A Rejuvenating Power

These are the same molecules that make up evening primrose oil, which is why we combine these oils to give your skin a rejuvenating power, making it supple and elastic.

A Soothing Power

Borage and primrose oils soothe the skin following irritations and protect it from daily aggressions such as pollution or smoke.

White Label Primrose and Borage Cosmetics

For 25 years the Eurotel Laboratory has been creating formulations from borage and primrose oils. We respond to requests for white label production in small and medium series. Here is our range of care and cosmetics:

  • Anti-ageing Face Cream | 19 NF 024 : borage oil, evening primrose oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, sweet almond oil, osilift Bio
  • Eye Contour Serum | 19 NF 025 : borage oil, evening primrose oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, organic osilift, aloe vera extract, eyeliss, cornflower floral water
  • Face Oil | 19 NF 026 : borage oil, evening primrose oil, sweet almond oil, witch hazel macerate
  • Intensive Face Care | 19 NF 027 : borrage oil, primrose oil, hazelnut oil, macérât d'hamamélis
  • Body Oil | 19 NF 2028 : borrage oil, primrose oil, hazelnut oil macérât d'hamamélis, huile de pépins de framboise
  • Massage Oil | 19 NF 030 : borrage oil, primrose oil, coton oil, huile d'amande douce