Cosmetic brand: the 4 legal steps to create it

You have a wonderful idea in mind, you want to create a cosmetic brand. But you have absolutely no idea how to do it. What are the steps? How long does it take? Where to apply? You quickly find yourself lost in front of this administrative mountain. To help you avoid making mistakes, we’ll guide you through this article. So, what are the legal steps to create a cosmetics brand ? What exactly is a cosmetics brand ? First of all, it is important to remember that a cosmetic product is a combination of different elements. This blend is generally applied to the skin, for different uses. And overall, they serve to protect, perfume or modify the appearance of a part of the body. Why is it important to know all this? In order to create a cosmetic product, and to get into the nails; you must absolutely respect criteria and standards. It is not for nothing that a definition exists in the Public Health Code.
The brand is also defined in another code. This is the code of intellectual property. It is defined there as a sign capable of being represented graphically to distinguish the goods or services of a natural or legal person”. In other words, a trade mark may be a logo or a symbol with the aim of promoting a product. Finally, there are two types of cosmetics. Organic and classic (or industrial).
Natural cosmetics are made with healthy and environmentally friendly ingredients. On the other hand, they are more expensive. Vice versa, industrial cosmetics are made from a blend of several chemical elements. The latter are cheaper because they are manufactured on a production line. Once you know all this, you will better understand all the steps that need to be undertake. Before you know the legal steps to create a cosmetics brand, you will be given the reasons for creating one.
Why creating a cosmetic brand ?

Cosmetics represent a flourishing market. You can make your mark here. Just because the competition is tough, doesn’t mean that the market is impregnable; on the contrary ! The market is vast and demand is growing. On the other hand, if you settle in a less coveted area, you will find fewer people to buy your products. It’s a balance that needs to be struck. Let’s take this example, which will certainly speak to you. You decide to open a restaurant, and you want to be sure to find customers. In this case, it makes sense to open a pizzeria. Everybody likes and knows about pizza, so you are bound to get orders.
But if you open a Bulgarian restaurant, you will get less orders. Why is this? Simply because it is less known. And it is the same for all products. On the other hand, brands like hotels and spas have everything to gain by creating a cosmetics brand. Indeed, if you own this type of establishment, legally creating a cosmetic brand allows you to :

  • differentiate yourself from other businesses with a unique offer;
  • reinforce the identity of your brand;
  • build customer loyalty;
  • increase your visibility.

With quality products that reflect the image of your structure, you consolidate your credibility. Note also that your customers can leave with these products. And then there’s free advertising. In short, we finally give you all the legal steps to create a cosmetic brand. The 4 legal steps to create a cosmetic brand It’s good, you’ve decided to set up a make-up or moisturizing cream business. It’s perfect, but there are a few steps to follow!

1. Declare your product to the NASM

This declaration is compulsory, unless you subcontract the manufacture of the product.
The National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products is a French public body. It calculates the health risks of products intended for human use, cosmetic products among others. If you open or manage an establishment to design cosmetic products, you must therefore inform the NASM. Furthermore, if you cease or modify your production, you must report this to the inspection body. In this way, this agency evaluates and controls the safety of your product. To design a cosmetic brand, you must now test your products.

2. Have your cosmetic products tested ?!

Before you can sell it, your product must be tested. In this way, the laboratories check whether it is reliable (a product against wrinkles must really be effective against wrinkles). And they assess its safety.
Your product must be effective and healthy !
To have your product tested, nothing complicated. There are plenty of laboratories. For example, analyses are carried out on the components to check their dangerousness. Packaging is also checked for the same reasons.
Afterwards, send your product to a safety assessor. Without this step, you cannot market the product. The safety assessor determines whether there are any side effects and decides whether or not to allow the product
to be sold. Is your product checked? The legal steps to create a cosmetic brand are still ongoing. It is now necessary to build
a PID file.

3. Create a PID folder

The product information file (PID) is the authorization of cosmetic products. This file is mandatory and must be
sent to the NASM, or the General Directorate of Health.
This file must contain all the important elements for the consumer. When reading it, he must see the
ingredients that may be harmful to his health in order to prevent allergies, for example.
Therefore, the buyer must be informed of the name of the product, the precautions for use and its composition.
To be valid, the PID file must contain these elements:

  • a precise presentation of the product;
  • safety reports and tests;
  • the names of the safety assessor;
  • a detailed description of the production method;
  • an official act of compliance with good manufacturing practices;
  • confirmation of product efficacy.
    Has your file been compiled? Yes! Perfect, now declare your product on the Cosmetics Notification Portal.

4. Declare your product to the NOC

This is the last step before marketing your product (at last)! You must register your product with this organization before you can sell it.
The application must be made by the production manager or the sales manager. This file must contain the following information:

  • the identity of the product;its identity and contact details
  • the country of origin of the import (if there is one)
  • the country where the product will be sold
  • the contact details of a person to be contacted in case of problems
  • the ingredients in the form of nanomaterials
  • the composition of the product

the CAS registry or EC number.
There you have it, you know all the legal steps to create a cosmetics brand. And if you still don’t know which cosmetics to create, and would like to be accompanied, our laboratory will take care of everything; from design, through testing, to delivery to the shop.
Create your own cosmetic brand with Eurotel laboratory ! You always wanted to create a cosmetic brand but don’t have the time ? Or you are afraid of all the steps you have to take? You can choose our laboratory to help you sell your product. We design innovative and reliable products. With more than twenty years of experience, our laboratory has
marketed more than 600 organic and conventional cosmetic formulations. So, we take care of everything. You can serenely develop your brand, while our laboratory takes care of :

  • creating the product
  • producing it
  • checking it
  • and marketing it

And all this very quickly.
For any request or information, do not hesitate one second, and contact us.

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