The dictionary of natural active ingredients in cosmetics : I – P

Following our first article on natural active ingredients used in cosmetics; here is the second one. We will describe here a non-exhaustive list of active ingredients starting with the letters I to P.

Immortelle : We draw the flower essences from Immortelle in order to integrate it into our body care products.
Immortelle flower essential oil is very effective in relieving bruises and inflammatory pain.

Jojoba : Jojoba oil is used in many ways. It helps to balance the skin and protect it from external aggressions. It
is also used in shampoos. Jojoba wax is also known for its exfoliating power on the skin.

Shea : Soothing, Shea butter also helps protect against U.V. rays. It is also very nourishing and moisturizing.

Keratin : It is the main constituent of your hair: 95%. It gives your hair shine and resistance.

Lavender : Lavender essential oil is known for its relaxing power.
Luffa: Nourishing and repairing, Luffa oil is widely used to prevent skin dehydration.

Lupin : Lupin protein is particularly effective in preventing skin ageing since it acts directly on the cellular
renewal of the upper layers of the epidermis.

Macadamia : Protective, regenerating and healing, macadamia oil is a choice ally among the natural components that can be integrated into your cosmetic range.

Marjoram : Relaxing and soothing, the essential oil of marjoram is regularly used in aromatherapy.

Horse chestnut : The horse chestnut tree is perfectly suited to combat circulation problems in the legs among
others. This is why we add it to certain body treatments.

Mallow : Recommended to soften and protect the skin, mallow flower extracts are also soothing.

Mint : Peppermint essential oil has cleansing and refreshing properties.

Honey : We add honey to propolis and royal jelly to give moisturizing, protective and smoothing properties to our body care and lotions.

Lily of the valley : Lily of the valley is used in cosmetics and body care products for its relaxing properties.

Myrrh : The essential oil of myrrh is known to be an anti-infectious agent because it is rich in anti-inflammatory and analgesic active ingredients. Myrrh is also regenerating and healing, which is why we use it regularly in body care products.

Olive : Cold-extracted olive oil is particularly rich in vitamin E carotenoids and polyphenols, giving it a powerful anti-ageing power.

Orchid : Orchid flower extracts are known for their regenerating properties. They act directly as a moisturizing and anti-ageing active ingredient.

Black Pearl : Recognized in traditional Chinese medicine as a moisturizing and anti-ageing active ingredient, the Eurotel Laboratory has developed a complete range of treatments based on Tahitian Black Pearl.

Apple : The apple is recognized as a powerful anti-ageing agent because it is highly loaded in antioxidants. Horsetail: Invigorating, healing, diuretic, astringent, horsetail also helps fight joint pain. You will have understood it, it is an ally of choice if you wish to create a body treatment.

This second list of natural active ingredients used in our laboratory will soon be completed with new active ingredients. If you have not found the one you are looking for, please do not hesitate to ask us via our contact form. Otherwise, here is the last part of our dictionary: The Dictionary of Natural Active Ingredients in
Cosmetics: Q – Z

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